2 Rohingyas Killed, 8 Injured in Fighting between Myanmar Military and Rakhine Rebels in Minbya
Khin Maung Naing Rohingya Today

Minbya, Arakan State — Two Rohingya villagers were killed in a fighting between Myanmar military and Rakhine Rebels known as Arakan Army (AA) in Minbya Township last Sunday (Jun 2).

The fighting was reported to have taken place following the abduction of 12 Rohingya civilians from 'Let Ma' hamlet (of 'Shwe Tamma' village) by the Rakhine Rebels earlier on Saturday (Jun 1).

According to the locals, a Myanmar military column arrived at 'Let Ma' (Rohingya) hamlet (of 'Shwe Tamma' village) on Saturday and ordered the villagers to offer them meals. The villagers offered them meals with no choice left for them but to follow the order (of the military).

After having their meals, the military left the (Rohingya) hamlet. Having information about that, many rebel members from Arakan Army (AA) later raided the Rohingya hamlet and abducted 12 of the villagers.

Following that abduction, the Myanmar military launched an operation at the 'Shwe Tamma' Rakhine hamlet, searching for the rebels house by house on Sunday afternoon, leading to clashes between the military and the rebels at around 3pm.

"'Shwe Tamma' (Rakhine) hamlet is located between 'Let Ma' (Rohingya) hamlet and 'Aung Taing' (Rohingya) hamlet. As the fightings began between Myanmar Military and AA, bullets and shells began raining down on both Rohingya villages.

"The fightings killed 2 (Rohingya) villagers and injured 3 others at 'Let Ma' village; and injured 2 at 'Aung Taing' village. And a mother and her son — coming from 'Shan Taung' village, Mrauk-U Township to 'Aung Taing' village to buy food and household items — and one from 'Khaung Touk' village were also injured in the fighting," said a local Rohingya man in Minbya.

Eyewitnesses said that the Myanmar military from battalion 540 and 570 fired with artilleries and other large-calibre weapons. 'Myaung Bwe' Region Hospital was also damaged by the Myanmar military shellings.

Sources further added that there were also Rakhine civilian casualties caused by the fighting between the Myanmar military and the Rakhine rebels. And whether or not the Rakhine Rebels (AA) have released the 12 abducted Rohingya villagers is yet unknown.

[Reported by Khin Maung Naing; Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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