A Telegram To Peaceful Fighters
Arakan Thar Rohingya Today
Rohingya refugees walk through a shallow canal after crossing the Naf River to reach Bangladesh (Photo: Munir UZ Zaman/AFP/Getty Images)

A Telegram To Peaceful Fighters 

Yesterday, you stood with injustice when the victims were Rohingya.
Today that injustice has broken down your doors.  
But I will never ask you, "How do you feel now?"
I have already tasted it
I am just praying for you to escape. 

Yesterday, you were silent with the hunter
Just because the prey were not from your clan
But the hunters turn on you today
Now you are screaming. 

Yesterday, you cheered with culprit
Just because the targets were far away from you
But the villains target you today
Now you are shouting.

Yesterday, you applauded the rapists
Just because the rape-victims have not the same face as you
But the rapists violated against you today
Now you are crying.

Yesterday, you defended the criminals 
Just because the victims' faith is disparate. 
But the perpetrators are chasing you today. 
Now you are wailing. 

Yesterday, you were blind to see the reality and to hear the truth 
Just because you were brain-washed by the evil
But you open your eyes and sharpen your ears today. 
Now you are seeing the reality and hearing the truth. 

Although you turned your back to us yesterday,
We are with you today when you need us. 
And we will achieve victory or we'll perish together tomorrow. 
We are peaceful fighters and the revolution is ours. 
We, only we can save our golden land and protect from destruction of it
We are one!

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