Rape of Impunity 
Pan Thar
Photo: Medical Teams International

Rape of Impunity 

I'm a young Rohingya girl 
I was gang-raped 
my parents were massacred 
by the Burmese military 
during the crackdown in August of 2017.

Three years has been passed, 
I am still crying not for my pain 
but just to hear the world that: 
violence, discrimination and injustice
are ended over me and my people.

My mother and I were raped together 
My father was killed
My brothers were shot to dead 
And I'm a single, survived from 
too much horror of injustice. 

My village was burnt down 
Hundred of my villagers were massacred  
It's too horrible for me 
to survive a single life 
in my village where I grow up. 

Red and black into my nation
where trees cann't change the color 
but the color was changed into red
with the blood of my body 
and it's become black and dark. 

In that very year, 
my blood gets a big hand
to illustrate my painful process 
which will be a strong enough
for the world to proof genocide. 

My life falls into anxiety 
unendurable for my civilians 
It make me a fighter
against the injustice and violence
of my bloody Tatmadaw. 

It is too hard to forget 
and not so easy to admit
and still keep on struggling
but never give up, 
I still cry and beg the justice. 

Poet's Note : This poem is dedicated to a Rohingya rape survivor from Gu Dar Pyin massacre carried by Myanmar Tatmadaw against Rohingya villagers in August, 2017.

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