Myanmar people are in need of Parallel Military Institution and international intervention.
Mohammed Khan Rohingya Today
Protesters carry red flags and wear red headbands to show support for Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy party. (Photo: AFP/Ye Aung Thu)

In these days, some prominent political analysts, critics and former political revolutionists have been talking about the forming of parallel military institution with new generations ‘’GZ’’ who have been protesting about full democratic system which privileges all people of the country regardless of religions, races and dominant groups in Myanmar.  The current military institution or Myanmar army was badly inherited the method of all forms of cruelty from former general U Ne Win, who has nationalized the country in 1962, and then it has initiated the national revolutionary council to rule with tough hands. 

The national revolutionary council has adopted some visible plans to revert the country from the democratic system to revolutionary ruling council: nationalization of the country’s economies that has been mostly in the hands of Indians and Chinese people; deporting Indians and Bengalese to their countries leaving all their properties in Myanmar. Since that time, the Myanmar military institution has been crushing all political dissidents, both anti-government insurgencies of Bamar communist party and the rebellious ethnic peoples and all energetic individual enterprises in Myanmar.

After independence, having a decade of revolutionary council rule, in 1974, it has held the selection for Myanmar Socialist Program Party if Myanmar people’ attitudes were to agree to vote for white ballot box. There were only two boxes in booth; white box was for yes votes for the nominees who were supposed by U New Win and the black was for against votes. By accident, if the voters lay their votes into black box the selection in charges were responsible to simply to convert the ballots into white. Oppressor Ne Win has been a chairperson of Myanmar Socialist Program party until 1988 plus couple of more years how to manage the state by SLORC (state law and order restoration council) as well as, on the other hand, he had been commander in chief for the military institution how to crush the democratic forces. 

Myanmar was once a prosperous and beautiful nation not only in South East Asia but also in Asia in a whole in terms of living standard with high expectancy. Myanmar people were highly educated and people from neighboring countries would come to Myanmar for economic purposes and job employments. Such a highly prosperous nation was chattered and embezzled for Ne Win’s self-interest and then the nation went into deep hole in the years round 1986-87 after declaration of currency demonetization in 1987.
Since (1958 to 1988), after having three decades mismanagement and self-accomplishment of the state, Dictator Ne Win had nothing more than to seize or demonetize the circulating currencies that were in the hands of the public. While people could not control their anger, there was no other way except to boycott the misconduct of Ne Win, and widespread demonstrations were erupted all over the nation. Ultimately, Ne Win had to hand over the nation’s power into merciless military hands to rule again in 1988. After all, the central ruling members of SLORC (state law and order restoration) and SPDC (state peace and development council) have been the cruel and tyrannical figures--the same wine from different bottles-- though they had changed the heading line from one to another as different title. 

During more than two decades military rulings, there have been many changes among military personnel and they have formed an association called “Union Solidarity and Development Association” as social organization, later it was changed to political party as “Union Solidarity and Development Party”, which has been under the supervision of former military personnel backed by state military institution. The USDP belongs to the descendants of Ne Win and full of military families’ members as well as all formers and current military officers. All the high-ranking military officers are rich enough to several luxurious belongings in this country and sufficient reserve cash in foreign vault that have been sucked, plundered and accumulated for their luxurious life and offspring to come to rule the nation by whatever means. Right now, military institution has (934) political associated parties to support the military institution whatever it says in regard figuring out the political atmosphere in Myanmar.

The current military institution’s situation and its relationship with political association of several allied parties are similar to that of U Ne Win’s leadership of USDP, which used to commanding the military chief and its dimensional political activities of Myanmar Socialist Program Party that had ruled the nation since 1974-1988.
Myanmar to regain independence from British, there was a historical consensus called “Panlon” agreement between Bamar who live along plain-land and ethnic people who live in highland together. In accord the consensus, “agreement was for a decade; if an ethnic group is no more intention to live together with Bama people, the respective ethnic group can move off from agreement.” Ethic people with having been painful lessons and unfaithfulness of Myanmar military’s during a decade of combination till 1958, almost all ethnic groups wanted to leave from consensus, military oppressor Ne Win has denied the demand of ethnic people to separate from the alignment of Myanmar. Myanmar military have been fighting against the ethnic liberation armed forces to end their revolutions, which have been demanding wider self-rule in their respective state.

Military institution and its allied parties’ overall intention have been against the self-rule to indigenous ethnic people who have their owned armed associations, struggling for federation or confederation status. Both military institution and NLD do not want due to fruitful talks side by side with ethnic groups to be ending the sectarian fighting; both big two parties are the same chemistry to deny the rights of ethnic groups. Thus, the sectarian fights between Myanmar army and ethnic groups have not been terminated because of hegemonic and dogmatic attitude of both sides Myanmar politicians and that of Tatmadaw.

In this right position, while many democratic mindset of young people, adults, revolutionists, and prominent politicians among Bamar people want to form a parallel army with combination of all ethnic people. To counter the current Myanmar army that has been repressive, brutal against innocent Myanmar and ethnic people, destructive forces over the peace and development of Myanmar for their self-interest and echelon than ordinary Myanmar and wider ethnic communities. For quick emergence of parallel army, though there are many challenges ahead, many political analysts have been widely talking about the emergence of the brand new army after having been bitter experiences of current military institution’s unjust and unfair accusation and justification against public desire of democratic phenomenon for their self-greed of power depending on armed battalions.
NLD’s representative elects have formed CRPH (Committee Representative Pyitaungsu Hluttaw) to represent Myanmar people as a parallel government against military coup regime. It has also assigned a CHIN intellectual--graduated from Armenia-- Dr. SASA, as Myanmar ambassador to UN to lead authentic communication for the world communities and that of worldwide organizations that CRPH is only government body representing Myanmar people rather than military coup regime.
The CRPH should be very modest organization to be close emphasizes all the affairs of ethnic people including Rohingyas to fulfill their outstanding issues as much possible as CRPH can to be able to persuade them under the umbrella of CRPH unlike the previous attitude of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi led government. So that while the newly formed CRPH is comprehensively organized platform for all-inclusiveness of the entire spectrum that cover all over the nation. Then most hopefully , the United States, EU, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India, and some countries from OIC and some nations from ASEAN will listen and cooperate with CRPH which whatever demand for the necessary of the nation building from the UN and relevant organizaions.

Things need to be changed after having gain bitter lessons from the experiences, NLD elect representative should be broadminded to consider all relevant state affairs: all outstanding unsolved issues of ethnic groups and safety, security and dignified return of Rohingyas’ repatriation to their ancestor land, Arakan state.

To stand in Myanmar politic, all running regimes have hand military background in the past and now. NLD party has enormous supporters from both Bamar and indigenous people but to stand in political event of Myanmar it needs military background like Ne Win, Thein Sein and now Min Aung Hlaing. No one cares Daw Suu Kyi because she does not have military background though she has such the biggest amount of supporters.  Daw Suu would have feeling that the Tatmadaw was founded by her father general Aung San and current Tatmadaw body and its generals are like her brothers. The concept Daw Suu following is proved as wrong hypothesis after seeing military’s taking over the power and embarrassing her whole endeavors since 1988 for emergency of democratic nation. 

Recently, military regime released about 23,000 prisoners, of them, many more are believed to be criminals and they are being hired by the military regime to annihilate the peaceful demonstrators who are across the nation. The destructive forces—who hold hard and big stick, catapult, Molotov cocktail and pistol, the police force, USDP party members, daily hired out people for 5000 kyats payment and so on—to thrash the mass protesters who have been in the streets in daily matters, and at nightfall, unscrupulous man and women paid by military agents continuously penetrate along the blocks to throw out burning faggot and firebrand to catch fire all over the blocks; and already watchful persons in night from the blocks would always arrest those dodges and put in internet viral to be seen by all people of the world while there is no legal department to take action to them.   

While military rule over the nation is regarded as the most repressive and overbearing tools, no innocent people of Myanmar—who have already involved and demonstrated peacefully for nearly three weeks now to topple military rule-- could escape from the harsh & unkind punishment of military court in coming days, let alone president Win Myint and Daw Su Kyi, NLD members and more than six hundred politicians who have already been arrested. 

The world bodies and relevant international organizations have been constantly watching about the updates of Myanmar since Min Aung Hlaing and Daw Suu have once consistently committed crimes against Rohingyas innocents’ people in 2016-17. If recently formed CRPH body is rock-hard with the inclusiveness of all ethnic politicians rather than Bama-alone ignorant and stubborn politicians, the body will be considered and found as acceptable representation of the nation by national and international communities; and the world communities will possibly support to deeply troubled Myanmar people to free from military’s continuation. Only Then CRPH can beautifully heave with the world UN bodies and pertinent global organizations to recommend the CRPH’s request of the likely UNSC’s intervention in the internal affairs of Myanmar and topple the military led regime.  

What CRPH should do right now is to form the new Tatmadaw with all-inclusiveness of the people of Myanmar regardless of who is who to counter the brutal Military regime led by Min Aung Hlaing, and  to ask the world powerful nations and relevant UN bodies to help topple the military regime  and restore emergence of coalition democratic regime. 

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