Myanmar Media Interviews on ICJ: Half-blinds, leading the totally blind
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Myanmar Media Interviews on ICJ: Half-blinds, leading the totally blind. 

Andrew, Chin legal expert who was with President Thein Sein's first Rakhine Inquiry Commission, is misleading Myanmar public via RFA.

I KNEW this Chin, Christian and racist towards Rohingyas and Muslims, with a PhD from Indiana University Law School. He was a refugee student brought to Indiana University at Bloomington under the US refugee education program some 20+ years ago.

He either does NOT understand international law or is deliberating mis-informing Myanmar public!

1) Gambia filed the genocide case against Myanmar representing OIC.

WRONG: there is NO material effect in the suit because the case is one state party against another state party.

2) Gambia filed the case on behalf of OIC because OIC can claim to be "injured party".

WRONG: Gambia's case was filed solely on the legal right of Gambia as a state party to go after the Genocide Convention violating state of Myanmar, although it has absolutely no material interest or connection with Myanmar: Gambia has a "legal interest" to ensure that Treaty is NOT violated by any state partis or signatory state that ratified it.

3) he said ICJ could rule that Myanmar must recognize 700,000 Rohingyas as "indigenous".

WRONG: FACTS ARE IN MYANMAR OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS, starting with the Encyclopedia of Myanmar (V. 9, 1964, under Entry "Mayu District).

There are a lot more signs of racism and utter professional incompetence coming out of this Chin's mouth.

For those who wish to learn about the ICJ this is a very good 5-page backgrounder.

Rohingya Genocide at The International Court of Justice

Separating Fact from Fiction about Myanmar’s Rohingya

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