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4th European Rohingya Conference Rohingya Today
Photo from 3rd European Rohingya Conference

Date: 9th February 2020

Dear Rohingya brothers and sisters,

Assalaamu Alaykum Wrt. Wbt.

We are organizing 4th European Rohingya Conference on Thursday 9th April 2020 to Friday 10th April 2020. It will be the continuation of European Rohingya Conference since December 2014 inDenmark. All the Rohingyas who are living in Europe are cordially invited to join the conference. 

By organizing the European Rohingya Conferences continuously, we hope for inner motivation alive in Rohingyas across the world to have better understanding on the situation that our people facing and to draw kind intention to dedicate ourselves to positive social and community development at the local and international levels.

The conference will give us an opportunity to get together and building friendship among us. The gathering will show international community that we Rohingyas are united in this critical time. The conference definitely will send a clear message to Burmese Criminal military and the government.
We anticipate that the 2-day European Rohingya Conference will be an important opportunity to develop a strategy for social and community development among the Rohingyas in Europe and other countries around the world. 

We hope you will join the conference in the best interest of the suffering Rohingya people. If you decide to join, please confirm to us not later than 15th of March 2020.You can confirm either by writing to [email protected] or contacting one of the following persons.

1. Zakaria Abdul Rahim (Denmark) +45 22556897

2. Munawara Jamil (Denmark) +45 42254828

3. Ahamed H Jarmal (United Kingdom) +44 7894253729

You are requested to provide the following information on confirmation.

1. Your name

2. Country of residence

3. Arrival date, time and place

4. Contact number and/or email address

Please be noted that food and pick-up service from the nearest airport (Billund) or nearest bus/train station (Esbjerg) will be provided. 

Please forward this invitation to all your contacts so that no one is left uninvited. We hope to see you all in the conference. 

On behalf of European Rohingya Conference Organizing Committee,

Zakaria Abdul Rahim, Ahamed Jarmal and Munawara Jamil

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