Daily demonstration is in everywhere, in attempt of coup regime tumble, new constitution and federalism.
Mohammed Khan
Demonstrators hold signs during a protest against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar, February 17, 2021 Photo: Reuters

The 1988 demonstrations, which were initially led by the university students from Yangon, have had much acceleration in the first phase to attract mass and class people of all walks of live to involve in the demonstrations.  Suddenly,  after having some momentums, all walks of live demonstrations were being crushed and jumbled by the then government secret agents through multiple threat of punishments to the government staffers to mitigate the people’ power which has been strong appreciation to pull out Myanmar Socialist regime and for the emergence of democratic government through election. 

Because of some disguised demonstrators, who have been agents of military institution among the ordinary and innocent demonstrators, there had been widespread looting and tearing apart of public paddy and rice go-downs. Moreover, burning of the government stores; looting of the public properties; killing of innocent people who were being accused as manipulators of poisonous food, and drinking staffs’ providers to harm the demonstrators. Beheading of the throats of innocent protesters and hanging their cutting heads on the trees to be seen as traitors, who have been peacefully demonstrating throughout roads and streets, and much more horrible things that were perpetrated by the government agents to destabilize the nation?  

After military’s successful manipulation, it has reasoned the instabilities and widespread disorder along the nation. Military has taken control of the state power in 18 September 1988. Seizing the advantage of social instabilities and uprising against the Socialist regime by mass people of the nation, the military has taken over the state executive power and started to be issuing announcements one after another to rule the nation with iron hand. Many political dissidents were soon arrested and punished long terms imprisonment and thus the nationals have endured the inhumane suffering of all kinds of harassments under the leadership of the SLORC and SPDC.

In 1988 Myanmar military’s taking over the power of state and having neighboring Communist China that has been blindly supporting Myanmar military villains have awkwardly originated to deny, delay and depriving life of Myanmar innocent people who have been crying out for the system change since 1988.  Since that time onwards, though the global communities have tried repeatedly through UNSC to adopt reasonable resolution about relinquish the power holding by military, but because of China and Russia, there haven’t been unanimous resolution for Myanmar people to change the oppressive and suppressive military rule in Myanmar. Particularly China has been the vibrant supporter of Myanmar military’s all kinds of accountabilities – usual human rights violations, war crimes, crime against humanities, genocidal crimes and recent military coup -- have been propped up by China, turning a blind eye to utmost necessity of Myanmar’s and international communities’ demand to transform Myanmar into full democratization and freedom of choice.  

At the beginning of February 2021 Myanmar military leader, Min Aung Hlaing, has announced the coup of the state power from NLD led government, reasoning the widespread voting irregularities in the past election which made the NLD as victorious to form the government without coalition of any political alliance. With the exception of most of the indigenous ethnic people from along the nation, majority of Myanmar people have favored and sympathized the NLD party to choose again as ruling government body after they seeing the practical breakthrough in infrastructures; international sisterly nations’ investments; social stabilities through job employments and some range of social harmony in NLD’s executive management. 

Myanmar people did not choose the USDP party, which was formed and derived from former military officers who have been a “bunch of scoundrels” to destroy the nation.  They have been relying on China to protect their unforgettable and unforgiveable crimes and culpabilities against the political dissidents since 1988 until now from China’s protection in global arena in exchange of Myanmar valuable properties, which are uncountable in values.  

Systematic establishment of relationship between Myanmar military Institution and China Communist Party (CCP), from the time of U Ne Win until recent coup leader Min Aung Hlaing, the overall Myanmar military institution has been well established to deny the emergence of democratic system in Myanmar by advice of CCP. So that military institution could have been able to exploit all kinds of state properties and transfer the most to Communist China for handful of Myanmar military leaders’ relaxing life of the remaining days

Even though, no one exactly knows how much compensation have Myanmar military oppressors paid to China in give-and-take to defend the villain military’s criminal transgressions against own people. But all people of Myanmar and international communities have experienced that Myanmar consecutive military led regimes have paid bulk of Myanmar resources—mineral possessions, forest, gas, marine resources, oil, timber, free investment and abuse of markets -- to CHINA as “professional firmly standing criminal defender” in international stages. Because of Chinese Communist regime’s unfair protection of Myanmar military’s inhumane corruptions over its own more than fifty million people for thirty three years now, Myanmar people have constantly been suffering a great defect of psychological trauma in their spirit due to lacking or delaying of democratization that caused  a great loss of freedom, welfare and  happiness. Why does CCP regime commit such a big crime against the innocent Myanmar people for ‘33’ years now? 

Right now, the general situation in Myanmar is at the turning point, while Myanmar people have been suffering a lot for more than three decades in the hand of military proxy under the leadership of CCP (China Communist Party). Myanmar populace will not have more endurance to wait except to fight both Myanmar military proxy, and CCP regime that set all Myanmar people into abyss.

Current situation in Myanmar, there is no obvious Military rule and order assertive in the mind of Myanmar people while the mass people do not care about the directives of Myanmar coup leader’s repeatedly announcement. Civil Disobedient Movement, which started from Yangon, has been spreading to all over the country to follow all the citizens of the nation as a one voice to stop the coup regime from running the nation. Active demonstrators, in this time, are selectively youths and they are logically united not to be accidently destructive to the public infrastructures, offices, food stored go-downs, and the individuals’ properties, shops, running malls and businesses of the ordinary people. While the majorities Protesters, who are Bamar Buddhists along the big cities are shouting to release Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and president U Win Myint together with other NLD representatives elect to repeal the 2008 constitution. 

However, from the other, minority ethnic indigenous people are shouting the emergence of federal states from the domination of Bamar majority ruling: either NLD or USDP. Even though the meaning of common democracy is meant as ’majority’s rule, minority’s rights’ to be charted; it hasn’t been obvious in practical but the majority’s domination or powerful political party’s says ever dominated against the weak indigenous to revoke the rights of minorities in Myanmar. For instance, National League for Democracy, the ruling party, has not been listening to any suggestion, complaint or advice of tiny political parties’ along the ruling periods as pride stubborn party, led by state counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Therefore, NLD is for NLD followers who are a bit more than half of Bamar people, but not for all nationals who covers all ethnic people. While the ethnic people widely believe that the current power struggle is between Bamar factional rivalry, and NLD does not represent all people of the country with a spirit of sharing the rights as per the democratic norm. Kinds of upper hand dealer over the ethnic people either NLD or USDP led democratic regime will not fit to run the democratic system of Myanmar while they both represent only Bamar people to exploit the blood of ethnic people and beat them. 

As long as the military drafted 2008 constitution is connected and concerned in running party whether NLD or USDP or coalition government, no one can guarantee that the military institution will not coup the state power in any time it wants to take over the power. 

All Myanmar Buddhist politicians whether the aged Bamar politicians or 88 generation they are all identical to do against the authentic evidences of Myanmar-archive due to Rohingya’s existence in Myanmar.  On top of that, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has been the worst woman whom the world communities have once admired and she has achieved the Nobel peace prize for her long time resistance against Myanmar military. Her standpoint over Rohingyas has been disgusting, unsatisfactory and ambiguous. In addition, her synchronized cooperation with military institution to expel, destroy, annihilate and genocide over more than a million Rohingyas who fled to neighboring country, Bangladesh in 2017 is unforgettable and inhumane in Social sense. And her helping hand to defend the military criminals at International court of Justice (ICJ) was clearly seen by the world communities that she was nothing at last but just a hook and crook fellow of Burmese and international level dirty game player rather than as a worthy Nobel Prize winner. 

Day after day, public peaceful demonstrations against the military coup regime are all over the country and in these days, police shot to death and injured against some peaceful demonstrators in different townships have galvanized the people to leverage their momentums in more and more different forms of demonstration until removing the coup regime. Myanmar nationals from abroad are in a one voice and have united to support money to the ones who involved in CDM (Civil Disobedient Movement) that want to depose military regime and set seat again for NLD which won the landslide victory in the past 2020 election. Among the demonstrators, some protesters have unleashed in their slogan about the ethnic states to be federal ruling system. 

In the long past experiences, neither democratic government nor military rule has not been optimistic about that fearing the ethnic indigenous may have the different agendas to secede from the union. Most of the  Burmese  politicians do not sincerely want the UNION, which has been under control of Bamar whether the military or public government, as the union of federal states which equally share the power to ethnic indigenous people to figure out their destinies as per their wishes they wanted to be for a long time. 

This is the time of great opportunity for Bamar dominant group. Whether  the current NLD supporters or military institution to honestly agree--through beautiful and meaningful new constitution which supervised by the UN -- to share the power to ethnic people so that they can create their prosperous destinies and stop the long-lasting fights among the factional groups which unavoidably pushed the entire nation into crippled poverty and underdeveloped nation in the region. 

In the near future, Myanmar’s image is considerably projected that the military coup will be fallen down through the dynamic efforts of Myanmar people’ sweat and blood, and the united & sympathetic diplomatic assistance of the world communities’ particularly by EU, US, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA and some ASEAN’s contribution.  

We assume that Myanmar would be prosperous nation if all people of Myanmar are united to pull down the military institution from the execution of the nation and agree to sharing power to ethnic indigenous people who are deserved federalism and autonomy in accord the newly drafting constitution.   

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