Are Rohingyas refugees gracefully repatriated by the coup leader, Min Aung Hlaing? 
Mohammed Khan
A Rohingya man carries a placard during a protest at the Unchiprang refugee camp in Teknaf. Photo: AFP

During and until November 2020 election the election campaigns of bigger political parties– which have been led by Burmese–have had the obvious intention of the domination of power struggle to take control power of the nation. Many other indigenous political parties also have been by their own agendas to take control of their states` votes that not to be divided or flied apart to becoming powerless votes to defeat both USDP and NLD in their respective states.  USDP has been the powerful driving force during the election campaign to collect merely 26% of the votes to form the government body while it has understandingly reserved the military`s 25% votes which military body is inherited from the 2008 military approved constitution. The indigenous people and that of their political parties have been bitter experienced in dealing with NLD led government which has been much stubborn to talk about the appearance of federal states and other longstanding stalemate issues between the regime and indigenous people.

As the nation has many political parties even among Burmese alone, running NLD political party has been in great worry about the casting votes which might be shared into many parties equally. As a matter of fact – to be inclusive in future mainstream political mechanism of Myanmar –  all democratic forces of Myanmar wanted to form coalition government with combination of NLD, and to defeat USDP led political alliances and military 25% inherited reservation. Because NLD alone wanted to retain the state power again, it has strategically adopted master plan not only to be alliance of any single indigenous party but to defeat USDP led political parties which are the diehard alliances of Senior General Min Aung Hlaing. Amid from indigenous parties` firm endeavors to possess their votes in their states and the anti NLD parties or military's umbrella parties` challenge to win mass ballots in 2020 election, it is widely assumed that NLD`s landslide victory over 2020 ELECTION couldn't have been without systematic irregularities of Union Election Commission; led by U Hla Thein, assigned by President U Win Myint.

Heads of all the big indigenous political Parties – Shan National Democratic party; Kachin Democratic Party; Karine National Democratic Party and Chin National Party – have been advising their nationals not to be involved or play any role in power struggle between power Burmese rivals “National League for Democracy and military institution”. Because all indigenous people do not agree to NLD`s ruling and military oppressors who have been playing very bad role without favoring any share of rights and opportunities which are rightly deserved as indigenous people of Myanmar.

Domestic and International communities have seen the warning of Min Aung Hlaing to be couping the state power after the failure of the UEC`s to settle the widespread voting irregularities exposure by the military department through media. To  avoid the military coup Myanmar UEC was responsible to hurriedly settle the issue politically, but the UEC has shown either irresponsibility or ignorance to the warning of possible military coup. While Myanmar military institution has always been against full fledge democratization of Myanmar, the reason to the failure of political settlement due to irregularities of votes in the past election was simply and dishonestly found well enough reason to coup the state power from NLD led quasi-democratic regime though the military body should await for sometimes till the standing argument might have peacefully and patiently been resolved among politicians.

Nearly a week now, mass and class  peaceful demonstrators – of the nationwide who are enraged by the coup of Senior General Min Aung Hlaing – have been peacefully protesting against the coup. Majority of demonstrators` mindsets are being exposed not only to recognize landslide victory of NLD party but also to flourish the democratic rights to all human beings of Myanmar and to repeal the unjust 2008 military drafted constitution. The vast and strengthened demonstrations which have been occurred all over the country against the coup is cheerfully seemed the recent military coup will be disgracefully ended very soon.

Date on 8/2/2021, during Min Aung Hlaing state television speech delivery, the Rohingya people` repatriation process was mentioned in accord the agreement reached between Bangladesh-Myanmar as per the current standing point of military regime. The standing point of the military has been that Rohingyas be repatriated and granted them citizenship status according to 1982 citizenship law and Rohingyas be handed any of the three types of citizenship cards: “national scrutiny card; naturalised citizenship card; and national verification card.” It is firmly seen that Min Aung Hlaing has changed his mentality after becoming the coup leader about the repatriation of Rohingya refugess from Bangladesh to build regional and international relation in exchange of commencing Rohingyas repatriation process to save his life from ICJ which may regulate the arrest order for his genocidal crimes against Rohingyas in 2017. In the course of times, it is found that both Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Min Aung Hlaing haven`t been good personalities for Rohingyas to sympathize their long  endured sufferings in the past regimes; to recognize Rohingyas as citizens of the state and render the legitimate rights which they have once deserved as indigenous Rohingya people of Myanmar. Whatsoever, from my point of view, while the Rohingyas are the most persecuted people in the world; we would warmly welcome the only honest and sincere approach of military regime to repatriate Rohingyas refugees in accord the innocent Rohingyas refugees’ sentiment who want safe, security and dignified return to their localities under the supervision of international communities. 

Bangladesh government has shown its warm welcome to the offering of Myanmar military leader`s Rohingyas repatriation, and in the same disposition Bangladesh wants to repatriate the Rohingyas to their region as much soon as possible. Since 2017,the temporary settlement of 1.1 million Rohingyas in Cox`s bazar district formulates serious burden over Bangladesh authorities and it has taken step to repatriate Rohingyas refugees by one way or another after having understandable negotiation with Myanmar authorities. But though the details about the repatriation process aren`t yet clear, things are believed that Bangladesh would firmly stick the required principles which are in line standard of international refugees repatriation norm under the supervision of international communities. For Rohingyas' honorable returning to their locations, whether be it under democratic icon or criminal leader, the most important matter right now is to be firm sincerity within Myanmar regime's words, kind and durable accords over Rohingyas returnees who want to go back with safety, security and dignified return to their region to live peacefully. 

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