AA Leader Gen, Tun Myat Naing: "Arakan (or Rakhine) is for all ethnic and religious communities. External players in Myanmar have a hidden agenda (s)."
Dr. Maung Zarni Rohingya Today

External players in Myanmar have a hidden agenda! – AA Leader Maj. Gen. Tun Myat Naing

Watch BBC Burmese Interview here:

This is the Rohingya and human rights-relevant bit (Zarni’s translation, verbatim):

“Arakan is for all religious and ethnic communities who want to live peacefully in one another’s company.

We have to embrace all communities of difference (in faith and ethnic identities) with tolerance.

We need to see them all as human community, deserving respect and dignity.

We are approached by external players who come with this ‘Rakhine (Buddhist) versus Rohingya (Muslim) prism/binary. They have a hidden agenda, we strongly suspect.

Arakan has Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and animists.Rohingya Muslims are a significant/substantial community of our old region. These communities had all contributed to the development of our own Arakan kingdom. We lost our independence (to the Burmese) due to the geographic conditions.

Our aspirations for liberation (from the Bama colonial subjugation) is inter-generational and widespread. Different generations have struggled towards that goal.”

Listen to this very enlightened interview with Arakan Army leader Maj. Gen.Tun Myat Naing (40), BBC Burmese Service (interviewer SeniorCorrespondent Saw Yan Naing.

Burma desperately leaders like Gen Gum Maw and Gen Gum Maw – neither leader has any western education beyond Myanmar’s education system.They are far more enlightened, humanistic, principled and compassionate than Suu Kyi, or any Bama leaders and peace advisers who spit out racist crap.

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